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Plucking Eyebrows and Periorbital Hematomas

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Although I already posted something today, a word on yesterday… how is it that I gave myself my very FIRST black eye ever (periorbital hematoma)… while plucking my eyebrows? A word FOR the wise… don’t apply lotion to your hands BEFORE picking up a sharp, pointed, metal object you plan on waving dangerously close to your eye. All this after having my first manicure, pedicure, and hair style since…. my wedding almost 4 years ago!?!?!? I was feeling pretty. I was feeling almost ready to go to some Christmas parties while looking cute, or something… at least maintained. Now I am the victim of a brutal tweezer attack, from myself. How am I going to explain that to the in-laws?


Author: Jenn

A busy at home scientist and mom with hypothyroid Hashimoto's, Jenn tries to make the best decisions for her family based on science, frugality, religion, health, sustainability and time management (not necessarily in that order). She occasionally writes poetry or goes ballroom dancing. Jenn regularly attends both church and mass. She also has a zoology degree from one of the most prestigious science universities in the country, more research experience than many PhD grads and a love-hate relationship with toxicology. Jenn cloth diapers mostly, but practices "elimination communication" as well. She has lived in three countries and speaks several languages. Jenn also sews, cooks, bakes, gardens, spins (wool) and loves calculus, even though she may be a bit rusty at it by now. With many food intolerances in her family, Jenn is constantly looking at dietary bypasses and evaluating food choices taking into account her education in metabolism, cell and molecular biology and biochemistry. To add to the complexity, she has started following the Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP), which is for healing the gut and putting auto-immune disease into remission.

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