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Confessions of a Raw Milkactivist


I LOVE raw milk, from a cow. Satisfying raw milk tastes so delightfully cleaner and cooler than any homogenized or pasteurized supposed “equivelent.”
I grew up on a certified raw milk dairy farm in Oregon. I know the way to get somatic(disease causing) cell counts in natural raw milk lower than you can ever find them in pasteurized milk.
I hate governmental regulations on food that are not scientifically based. Why does anyone have the right or audacity to tell me that a food item isn’t good for anyone, but here… this phony we will advertise and promote, which also garners us income, we will endorse it.
Research continues to show and has always proven that CLEAN raw milk is healthier AND safer than pasteurized.
I will expound on this in the future… but I am just a bit annoyed today thinking about it… all I want to do is buy some milk that I don’t have to feel is similar to playing Russian Roulette… maybe this time it will still be alright to drink it…
Yes, I know I can get raw goats milk. I’ll drink it knowing that it is good for me… but I honestly dislike it… like I dislike swallowing huge vitamin B pills… ahhh GAG ME!


Author: Jenn

A busy at home scientist and mom with hypothyroid Hashimoto's, Jenn tries to make the best decisions for her family based on science, frugality, religion, health, sustainability and time management (not necessarily in that order). She occasionally writes poetry or goes ballroom dancing. Jenn regularly attends both church and mass. She also has a zoology degree from one of the most prestigious science universities in the country, more research experience than many PhD grads and a love-hate relationship with toxicology. Jenn cloth diapers mostly, but practices "elimination communication" as well. She has lived in three countries and speaks several languages. Jenn also sews, cooks, bakes, gardens, spins (wool) and loves calculus, even though she may be a bit rusty at it by now. With many food intolerances in her family, Jenn is constantly looking at dietary bypasses and evaluating food choices taking into account her education in metabolism, cell and molecular biology and biochemistry. To add to the complexity, she has started following the Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP), which is for healing the gut and putting auto-immune disease into remission.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Raw Milkactivist

  1. I agree!!!!!!!! I had the opportunity to work on a small (75 cows, it was huge to me, small by comparison though) dairy farm recently, but let me tell you- I can see why raw cow milk is illegal in so many states- I would never recommend someone drink raw from a bulk tank at a commercial dairy. I wish a cow herd who had a couple cows, could carefully handmilk them and sell that precious goodness direct. That’s a WHOLE other thing than commodity production, it would empower ew and small farmers, and would be so much safer. If raw milk was legalized and any dairy could start selling raw milk though, I actually would worry about people’s safety. I wish the government could draw a distinction and allow the one that was safe, to exist for people to have a choice. But that kind of legislation will never happen, with all the dairy lobbyists. They do not want to draw attention to how dangerous their raw milk would be. Seriously- the pipeline system, the vacuums…..blegh. All kinds of gross stuff got stuck in the milker claws…milk with shit in it whether raw or cooked (pastuerized,) is disgusting! But I do have my eyes on a dairy cow someday…..meanwhile I’ll stick with soymilk or my goatmilk. Thanks for your passion!

    • Yes, milk at commercial dairies bound for pastuerization IS disgusting, as is all if their equipment. BUT, you can actually get a cleaner milk product using all of that same equipment than you would milking by hand. The key here is cleanliness. The washing of the udder perfectly, the care regarding which animal’s milk is actually sent to the bulk tank for cooling and bottling, and the detailed rigorous cleaning of that same equipment. Additionally, we would dunk wash in iodine water each milking claw between each three animals who were arranged in milking order based on the individual’s somatic cell counts, from low to higher. Oh, and if a cow was going to poop in the milking room, which they were mostly trained not to do, we would catch it in a shovel so it wouldn’t splatter anywhere…

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