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Plucking Eyebrows and Periorbital Hematomas

Although I already posted something today, a word on yesterday… how is it that I gave myself my very FIRST black eye ever (periorbital hematoma)… while plucking my eyebrows? A word FOR the wise… don’t apply lotion to your hands BEFORE picking up a sharp, pointed, metal object you plan on waving dangerously close to your eye. All this after having my first manicure, pedicure, and hair style since…. my wedding almost 4 years ago!?!?!? I was feeling pretty. I was feeling almost ready to go to some Christmas parties while looking cute, or something… at least maintained. Now I am the victim of a brutal tweezer attack, from myself. How am I going to explain that to the in-laws?

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Laundry, re-invented..

 I found all of my sorted & folded laundry piles thoughtfully… “refolded” and shoved into a laundry bag… I love my two year old but he is not quite a labor-saving device yet. Another setback to spending time learning about blogging.

Projects touched so far this morning… 1. I made some wonderful fermented oatmeal porridge for breakfast, per Nourishing Traditions cookbook, and refilled the jar. I have a food intolerance that bothers me if I eat grain and dairy products within 6 hours of each other, but fermenting the oatmeal makes it more digestable and the nutrients more bioavailable as it neutralizes phytates. It’s 3pm now so I better redirect my attention to dinner instead of on finishing the stuffed animals for my 4 month old for Christmas. 

For more information on soaking grains, check out the following wonderful post by