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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Street Life)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Street Life)

Pazzo Ristorante, from a cozy coffee shop, Peet’s Coffee. This inspired me to write a poem, posted through a link below. I loved the ghosting effect on the window, as well as the symbolism between the sapling and Latina maid working in the hotel above the restaurant. This was November 2005.


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By Jennifer Hubbard

I shed you leaves
for bare limbs
shapely against a cold sky.
In spring you fed me with your sap
intoxicating syrup, from apical bud
to my deepest root hair.
I helped you grow
from previous sapped
mutualistic relationships
while reaching for the sky
strengthening my grip in the soil
until the sun reached solstice
and evening crept back
inch by inch
lengthening shadows anticipating
a future without you.
Leaf scars formed
between green leaves.
And you,
your change so subtle
a flush in your blade
a paling cuticle
and piece by piece
the wind you jealously guarded from me
took you away.
I look down as I reach up
watch you spin and float away
Time falls back
the first frost descends
and you

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A Gift of Praise

By Jennifer Hubbard


Poised I await

            your excruciating

            soft presence

Poised as a lily

            bursting threaded seams

            a tiger awaiting prey

            an anticipatory schoolgirl

Though in worse shape…

            for I have nothing of value

What gift? What laud?

            what love

            can I give?

What more can I offer

            than these two tired


            grasping, shaking

            wringing, plucking

            with no other purpose

            than to praise you.