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Wait For It….

Although I may not be posting a daily blog, I am writing two┬áresearch papers which I will post here soon’ish. One is on feminism and food choice. The other is on the process of finding “safe” drug dosage recommendations and its relationship to aluminum adjuvants in vaccines. Then in my excess free time, I have been reading, The Raw Truth About Milk. I’ll fill you in on the raw milk info from that book that I found most interesting. Meanwhile, both of my children are teething.


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I’d like to post something a bit more in-depth but it is a teething and tylenol night and now 1am. It is probably 1 degree out now as well… I still need to pump and take a shower before I get to bed. I did try to post a beautiful tropical Galapagos beach picture to remind me that sanity still exists somewhere warm, but wordpress was not being cooperative. I will try again tomorrow.